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Nonda Redford

Straight from the heart of our breeding band

Nonda Redford

Semipalitinsk – Nonda Lets Talk Later (Doc’s Freckles Oak)

Age: Ch stallion 2002
Registration: ASHS 168692

Nonda Redford Nonda Redford

Nonda Let’s Talk Later Nonda Let’s Talk Later


There are hundreds of Australian stock horse and quarter horse breeders out there right now wondering where to find the right outcross.

Mostly, people just talk around the bar, around the truck. And that’s where it ends, because nobody really wants to take the first brave step of putting a toe in the water.

We believe that our breed needs to use thoroughbred blood as an outcross to refresh our bloodlines and bring some outside integrity back into the breed. It’s the very foundation that our breed evolved from, after all.

We believe this is the horse.

Redford is a stallion by Semipalitinsk, one of the best proven Thoroughbred sires in Australia from Lets Talk Later, a mare who won the Warwick Gold Cup.

So how come you haven’t heard about him? To be really honest, we have completely wasted Redford because most of our mare band consists of his dam, her sisters and half sisters, his half sisters, cousins and so forth: most of our mares come from one dominant family. This has meant that he has only bred a handful of outside foals: in fact, only 5 foals have been registered by him. Despite this, we can guarantee that he has absolutely exceptional fertility.

It is important to be aware that Redford actually carries THREE separate thoroughbred streams in his pedigree: apart from his sire Semipalitinsk, thoroughbred outcross blood flows in for a second time through his dam’s family: his great grand dam Night Bird was by the Skywatch (TB by Lumley Rd (Grey Sovereign). Night Bird was also from a Nonda station mare that carries Hall Mark, a Melbourne Cup winning thoroughbred in her pedigree.

The third stream of thoroughbred blood comes from the fact that Redford carries TWO crosses of Doc Bar – and Doc Bar himself was a grandson of the Thoroughbred sire Three Bars.

A personal inspection of this lovely horse will convince any prospective buyer of his importance to our breed.

He is a sound, particularly sweet natured horse, easy to handle and highly fertile.

Go to our Nonda Redford page and read further about him.

Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to see this lovely stallion given the opportunity he truly deserves.

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Nonda 100 Years of History

It excites me that no matter how much machinery replaces the horse, the work it can do is still measured in horsepower…even in this space age. And although a riding horse often weighs half a ton, and a big drafter a full ton, either can be led about by a piece of string if he is wisely trained. This to me is a constant source of wonder, and a challenge.

—Marguerite Henry