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First Dam

Lets Talk Later (Doc’s Freckles Oak - Nonda Sweet Dreams)

Nonda Let’s Talk Later

Performance Record:

  • Won the 2000 Warwick Gold Cup (ridden by Terry Hall)
    Lets Talk Later and Terry Hall - Gold Cup
  • The only horse in Australian history to ever make the finals of the Warwick Gold Cup (Terry Hall) and the NCHA Futurity and the NCHA Derby (Robert Mackay)
    Lets Talk Later - NCHA Futurity
    Heather Brown on Lets Talk Later, NCHA Derby finalist Heather Brown on Lets Talk Later, NCHA Derby finalist
  • Finalist 2000 Canning Downs: highest aggregate Gold Cup/Canning Downs. Ran the fastest round in 2000 Canning Downs (22 seconds)
  • Also won the Walcha Golden Gate, the Proston Golden Spurs, 2nd Pearl of the North etc
  • From Nonda’s finest family of great camp mares tracing back to 1923
  • Carries three separate crosses of Doc Bar (2M, 1F, 3X4X5X)
    Doc Bar - 1977 Doc Bar - 1977

Pedigree Notes:

Sire: Docs Freckles Oak (Docs Oak – Freckles Fancy)

Docs Freckles Oak

Docs Freckles Oak ridden by Graham Amos

Nonda Let’s Talk Later is an own daughter of the late Docs Freckles Oak who is a legend in his own lifetime. Many great judges regard him as “the best quarter horse to ever come to Australia”.

The influence of this horse on the Australian working horse industry is already significant and will further increase in future decades. He has sired the winners of every major camp draft in the country as well as multiple cutting champions, reining champions, Cloncurry Stockmen’s Challenge Finalists and placegetters and polo ponies.

He is now proving to be a champion broodmare sire as well, and his daughters remain in great demand commanding very high prices.

Stud Record

  • 1999: Nonda Lucinda ch f (Acres Destiny) Won Mungindi NSW Maiden (July 22/23)
    (Terry Hall) also won Maiden cut-out. This was her third start.
  • 2002: Nonda Redford: colt foal by Semipalitinsk (by embryo transfer)
  • 2004: ET filly foal by Thoroughbred sire
  • 2005: ET colt foal by Thoroughbred sire

Second Dam

Nonda Sweet Dreams (Docs Boab – Nonda Night Bird) 25 November 1988

Nonda Sweet Dreams

Nonda Sweet Dreams ridden by Ian Francis as a 2YO

Pedigree Notes

Nonda Sweet Dreams managed to produce a Warwick Gold Cup winner in her first foal. That fact alone has distinguished her as one of the most successful stock horse broodmares in Australia. She has produced a number of very talented horses in her 6 live foals to date:

Performance Notes:

Sweet Dreams was started once for a fourth placing in the 2YO class at Widgee Futurity. She was trained by Ian Francis who had a high opinion of the mare. She was retired to stud and bred Lets Talk Later as a 3YO

Nonda Sweet Dreams

Breeding Record

  • 1992: NONDA LETS TALK LATER: (Docs Freckles Oak)
    Ridden by Terry Hall:
    • won 2000 Warwick Gold Cup, Finalist Canning Downs (fastest round: 22 seconds) Won highest overall aggregate in Warwick Gold Cup and Canning Downs. She was only competed twice at Warwick: the first time she made the final and once again set a new course record for the Canning Downs Draft.
    • Lets Talk Later also won Walcha Golden Gate, Proston Golden Spurs, and ran second at the Pearl of the North in Darwin. In her cutting career (as a 3Y0 and 4Y0) she was a Finalist in the NCHA Futurity, Finalist in NCHA Derby and second in the Novice at the NCHA Finals. She is the only horse in Australia to have achieved the distinction of being a Warwick Gold Cup winner and a NCHA Futurity and Derby Finalist.
  • 1993: NONDA SEVENTH HEAVEN (Docs Freckles Oak)
    Nonda Seventh Heaven
    Ridden by Christine Hall:
    • Second in the 1998 ASHS Super Quest, 3rd in the 1998 ACA Rookie Horse of the Year Award. Won six Novice Drafts.
    • This mare went on two big droving trips with Ben Hall and walked from Normanton to Windorah with 2000 head. She was tough, strong and absolutely sound. Although this mare was capable of becoming a top Open mare, we made the decision to retire her fully sound to stud as a 6YO in order to make the most of her genetics. She has produced a number of quality foals who are working well.
  • 1994: NONDA SWAG:
    Nonda Swag
    • 2nd Brunette Downs Novice ridden by Terry Hall, Won first round Winton Novice, also won cut out, Won Allora Novice. Went droving with Terry Hall.
    • Travelled on foot with 3000 steers from Cloncurry to Urandangie in the Channel Country. Trucked back to Cloncurry then walked 1800 steers from near Cloncurry to Blackall in Central Queensland. Ridden every second day (average day: 20 to 30 miles riding). Terry Hall noted his extreme soundness and toughness. He completed the trip without a day off for lameness or soreness. At the end of this trip he drafted in the stallion draft at Warwick, where he scored an 82 on a tough beast.
    • His progeny include NONDA FIVE STAR (mare by Nonda Swag) now drafting with Terry Hall.
  • 1998: NONDA TIBET (Acres Destiny)
    Ridden by Terry Hall
    • After two major droving trips across Queensland with Terry Hall, Tibet returned to Plaintree and was used as a horse for visitors to ride. He was later sold at Dalby in 2005 for $15,000 to a family for their 12 year old son. He won drafts shortly afterwards for his new family.
  • 1999: NONDA LETS GO NORTH (Playboy Roy) sold
  • 2000: NONDA SWEET PEA (Semipalatinsk TB) died
  • 2005: Filly by Thoroughbred sire

Third Dam

Nonda Night Bird (Nonda Skywatch - Nonda Cuddles) 31 January 1982

Nonda Night Bird cutting

Nonda Night Bird cutting (ridden by Ian Francis)

Pedigree Notes:

Nonda Night Bird was an exceptional type of mare. This original taproot family was developed by the Brown family in 1923 at Nonda Downs station, Julia Creek N.W. Qld. They were an outstanding line of camp drafters, station stock horses and all-rounders with tremendous heart and stamina.


Nonda Night Bird was shown by champion trainer Ian Francis.

  • 2YO: Junior State Champion Working Horse of Qld at the State Championship Show.
  • 3Y0: won the Station Hack Class at Brisbane Royal Show (youngest horse in history to do so): second at the 3YO Widgee Futurity
  • 4Y0: Retired to stud where she produced 5 daughters until her untimely death.

Stud Record

Her foals include:

  • Nonda Bounceback (Rivoli Rex)
    Sold by Nonda as a 2Y0 and drafted by Peter Cominsky. This mare placed second in the Novice Draft at he ACA National Titles (by one and a half) Peter Cominsky had a very high opinion of this mare. She was later re-purchased by Nonda to join their brood mare band where she proved extremely successful. Her progeny include:
    • Nonda Dipso (Acres Destiny) sire owned by Mr David Rathie and successfully campaigned by Mick Connelly
    • Nonda Spider in the Swag (Nonda Swag) successful sire in Western Australia
  • Nonda Undoolya (Beaver Doc) Multiple halter and show winner for her owners.
  • Nonda Sweet Dreams (Boab) See above.
  • Nonda Allnightlong (Docs Freckles Oak) Not shown due to injury. At stud she has produced the outstanding and widely respected Open campdrafter ONE DARK NIGHT (Acres Destiny) owned by the Hick Family, of St Elmo Julia Creek, NWQ
  • Nonda Happy Ever After (Docs Freckles Oak) Drafted by Terry Hall before she returned to the Nonda broodmare band. She has produced a number of quality colts.

Fourth Dam

Nonda Cuddles (Skymark – Nonda Blue Mist) 31 march 1964

Nonda Cuddles

Nonda Cuddles as a 3YO in 1967

Nonda Cuddles was a brilliant camp mare at Nonda who became a wonderful producer. This family has been owned and bred by members of the Brown family at Nonda Downs for 83 years: NH Brown (1923-1953) Reg Brown (1953-1975) Heather Brown (1975-2006).

The Rotorua family has always been regarded as Nonda’s best family. This family carries outstanding thoroughbred blood – the kind of bush thoroughbred that passed on speed, conformation and temperament.

Due to the distance and isolation of Nonda Downs, a station in North West Queensland, Nonda Cuddles was only ever bred to the one stallion, the thoroughbred Skywatch (Lumley Road – Countess Lloyda).

What she might have achieved if she had the opportunity to be bred to some of the more popular campdraft sires in the South can only be left to the imagination.

Her foals include:

  • Nonda Bull Mitchell (Skywatch): station camp horse and picnic race horse
  • Nonda Flynn (Skywatch)– station camp horse
  • Nonda Jeannie Gunn (Skywatch)– halter winner at Brisbane RNA
  • Nonda Daisy Bates (Skywatch) – broodmare
  • Nonda Nellie Melba (Skywatch)– broodmare
  • Nonda Salute (Skywatch) - gelding
  • NONDA NIGHT BIRD (Skywatch)
    • Shown by champion trainer Ian Francis.
    • 2YO: Junior State Champion Working Horse of Qld
    • 3Y0: won the Station Hack Class at Brisbane Royal Show: second at Widgee Futurity to another Nonda owned Filly.
    • 4Y0: Retired to stud
  • NONDA NATIVE SON (Skywatch)
    Nonda Native Son
    Nonda Native Son – ridden by Johnny Banning Nonda Native Son – ridden by Johnny Banning (aboriginal stockman)
    • Remarkably tough, handsome horse who won a legion of admirers. He was used as a station camp horse at Nonda Downs during the years when the BTEC clean-up campaign was under way, and his speciality was running bulls. He was one of the greatest natural horses on cattle we have ever bred.
    • He was shown at Cloncurry Show and Hughenden Show, where he won the Champion Stock Horse stallion on both occasions.
    • His only other outing was in the Winton to Longreach Endurance Ride. Heather Brown was asked by outback legend RM Williams to accompany him for part of the ride and write about it for the Weekend Australian in order to promote the then yet-to-be-built Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach.
      Heather Brown and Nonda Downs stockman Joe Wilson Heather Brown and Nonda Downs stockman Joe Wilson. Native Son is photographed minutes after he crossed the line after traveling 35 miles in 2 hours and 11 minutes Heather Brown and RM Williams Heather Brown and RM Williams
    • Then a 6YO – and coming off the back of a long winter muster on the station – Native Son started the Ride without any special training. He vetted through at Eversham, 96 miles down the road, and the next day completed the 35 miles from Maneroo station into Longreach in 2 hours and 11 minutes. He vetted through again and won the admiration of both vets and horsemen everywhere.
    • In a stud career cut tragically short by his early death (32 registered foals) Native Son managed to sire:
      • NONDA BEBOPALOOPA (Charlie Brook) Champion Polocrosse Horse of Australia
        Nonda Bebopaloopa
      • WOODBRIDGE GAZELLE winner of the prestigious Victorian Barastoc Horse of the Year.
        Woodbridge Gazelle
      • NONDA NATIVE WHIMSEY – won Station Hack at the Brisbane Royal Show in 1983, the only horse from the north to ever do so. Trained by Ian Francis, she also won another 8 working stock horse events.
        Nonda Native Whimsey

Nonda 100 Years of History

A horse will often out run its pedigree but seldom outbreed it.

—Federico Tesio