Top matriarchs named

The Australian Stud Book (28 Aug 2008) - 18 September 2008

Civic Pride, Golden Chariot, Crown Appeal, Victory Flight and Denise’s Joy are the top five matriarchs in the Australian Stud Book. Between them, they or their female descendants have produced 423 stakeswins including 106 Group 1 equivalent wins.

The details of their outstanding achievements, including the stakeswins of the matriarch herself, are:

Matriarch S/wins G1
CIVIC PRIDE (AUS) 1942 99 23
CROWN APPEAL (AUS) 1947 82 24
DENISE’S JOY (AUS) 1972 74 19

Other matriarchs close behind are Chicquita (73 stakeswins), Rainbird (70), Dark Jewel (62), Grand Canary (56), Churra (52) and Charivari (51) including 8 individual stakeswinners.

Denise’s Joy still has descendants racing including her grand daughter Tuesday Joy, and great-great grandson Bentley Biscuit, recently retired.

It’s official! The amazing contribution of the Denise’s Joy family to the Australian thoroughbred industry has finally been confirmed by the Australian Stud Book .

The Stud Book has analysed the greatest female families in Australia and their ability to produce stakeswinners and Group 1 horses.

The leading family identified is the Golden Chariot (1948) family that has produced 25 G1 winners. The second most prolific G1 producing family is Crown Appeal (1947) which has produced 24 Group1 winners.

The third most prolific G1 producing family is Civic Pride (1942) with 23 Group 1 winners. The Denise’s Joy (1972) family, meanwhile, is in fourth place with 19 Group 1 winners.

Most significantly, the Denise’s Joy family has been in Australia for some 24 years less than the Golden Chariot family, 25 years less than the Crown Appeal family and 30 years less than the Civic Pride family.

Their prolific ability to produce horses at the highest level suggests that it will only be a matter of time before the Denise’s Joy family chalks up the six more Group 1 winners needed to give them top billing as the all-time leading family in Australia.

While it has been a predominantly filly-producing family, the Denise’s Joy family has also been denied the opportunity to stand more sons at stud by the bias that existed for so long against Australian bred sires. Since Christmas Tree is now deceased, Conatus (Plaintree Farms) and Thorn Park (Windsor Park New Zealand) remain the only commercial sires available to Australasian breeders.

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