Send her down Hughie!

11 July 2005

What a difference a day – or a week – can make!

After a dry late summer and autumn, the Darling Downs faced a tough winter and extensive hand feeding. The worst part were the endless stream of negative predictions from the Weather Bureau, which continued to assure us we were headed from bad to worse.

Until Mother Nature decided to change her mind!

Over the past month we have received a steady stream of rain in perfect sequence: first, lovely light falls, enough to settle the dust, moderate soaking falls until we eventually saw the kind of heavy rain we have all been praying for.

The Darling Downs has now received between 80 and 200mm, depending on where you live, and the first new crops are beginning to peep up out of the muddy black soils. It’s a wonderful sight, and more good rain is predicted in forthcoming weeks.

We are heading for a very sweet spring indeed!

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When one is on horseback he knows all things.

—George Herbert