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Heather and David Pascoe

Dr David Pascoe (Veterinarian) & Heather Pascoe (Director)

As much as we love the horse business at Plaintree, we never lose sight of the most important thing that makes our farm what it is today – it’s not just the horses; it’s about the people you meet along the way that makes the journey so worthwhile. It’s about the fun and the friendships we have, the memories we make, and the way we pull together to share the highs and lows.

We call it living a life with meaning.

As thoroughbred studs go, we are only a small family farm, but we believe we stand for something important. We care about our land and our environment and nurture it the best we can. We care about our local community and we are mindful of the role we play in it. We care about our staff, and we make sure we give them the best education, inspiration and support we possibly can.

It’s only natural that we should extend that same level of commitment to all our horses as well. It’s the way we choose to do things around here.

Lexie PlathKim Kenny

Lexie Plath (left), Kim Kenny (right)

It excites me that no matter how much machinery replaces the horse, the work it can do is still measured in horsepower…even in this space age. And although a riding horse often weighs half a ton, and a big drafter a full ton, either can be led about by a piece of string if he is wisely trained. This to me is a constant source of wonder, and a challenge.

—Marguerite Henry