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Here at Plaintree Farms, we like to take our reputation seriously.

For a start, this is a farm that is owned and run by horsemen, right down to our bootstraps. This is our passion, and this is what we have been doing since we were old enough to sit in a saddle.

In fact, when we shut the stables and close the office at the end of the day, you’re likely to find us doing what we like to do best – riding our horses, or just spending time with them.

We didn’t learn this game out of books, so we don’t rely on theories, computers or autocues to tell us what to say and what to think. We just rely on the things we’ve always known, and the lessons we learned on our father’s knees.

We make sure we remember to keep on learning, however, because we have a philosophy that knowledge is the most important thing at Plaintree.

When it comes to mating advice, we will not only give you the latest pedigree analysis, but we will also honestly evaluate your mares conformation and the kind of foals she throws before we advise you on the most sensible mating.

We combine the best veterinary care and advice provided by world renowned reproduction specialist Dr David Pascoe, and we have some of the highest end-of-year pregnancy rates in Australia. We individually hand-feed all our horses twice a day on the best quality lucerne and grains and we work with internationally renowned nutritionist, Dr Ray Biffen, to make sure that every horse is receiving maximum nutrition every step of the way. We not only want to make sure she has a foal for you: we want to make sure it also has every opportunity to become a racehorse as well.

In fact, the Oakey Veterinary Hospital is only 10 minutes away, which means our client’s horses can receive the fastest and best attention in every situation.

We believe that communication is the most important thing we can provide for our clients. Our staff are constantly in touch with owners through telephone, mobiles, emails and fax. We understand our owners concerns about their horses: we had our own broodmares on agistment for 16 years before we purchased Plaintree, so we know the highs and lows – the facts and the fiction – that comes with leaving your valuable horses in the hands of strangers.

The other thing that makes us different here at Plaintree is the fact that we believe that horses are meant to be horses. We don’t swaddle them in cotton wool, treat them as toys or stock market investments or isolate and deprive them of the natural herd instincts of what it means to be a horse.

In fact, we encourage them to run in herds and compete the way horses have done for thousands of years in order to develop the heart and mind, muscle and bone they need to become the athletes they are meant to be.

That way, we know we have honestly done the very best job we can for both owners and horses alike.

No matter how important the yearling sales ring might be, we believe that ultimately, the true value of a thoroughbred will always be determined by its success on the racetrack.

And that’s exactly the way it should be.

We are a family farm

We are not a corporate business
or a multi-national company.

We don’t have oil or gold, IT fortunes,
chemicals, tax shelters or investors.

And we’ll never be able to offer you
the kind of deals they can.

But we can promise you this.

Our taxes will remain here, working hard
for the Australian people, and our horses
will still be around long after their birds have flown.

We will always select our stallions
to breed horses for Australian racing,
because this is the only place we race.

We will always select stallions with the eye of a horseman –
not the calculator of the corporate investor –
because this is the only way we know.

And we will always look after your mares
as if we owned them ourselves.

You see, we still believe in the principal of honesty,
handshakes and having a go.

We still believe that with hard work and commitment,
Australians can be the best in the world
at whatever we choose to do.

In our own small way, we will continue
to stand for the very thing that made
Australian racing great in the first place.

Ordinary people. Extraordinary horses.

The horse will leap over trenches, will jump out of them, will do anything else, provided one grants him praise and respite after his accomplishment.